Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another College Kid Jumps Ship

First it was Nick Leddy (who signed a 3 year - 2.7 million dollar deal with Chicago today) and Josh Birkolz (who violated team rules, reportedly a failed drug test) who left Minnesota. Now Lucas Lessio (pictured) has chosen the Oshawa Generals over the Michigan Wolverines. You can read the story here.

Now, some might say Leddy leaving is a feather in the cap for the NCAA as he will likely either play in the NHL or AHL, but he only played one year at Minnesota. Where I come from it's pretty hard to get a college degree in one year, and one of the biggest arguments from College Hockey Inc is that players get a better education packaged by going the NCAA route as opposed to the CHL.

Throw in the fact that half of the Notre Dame hockey roster has been arrested this year and it hasn't been a good summer for NCAA hockey. There are still tonnes of great hockey players playing college hockey and there will be great games this year, with great story lines that TPS will talk about, but there's no doubt the image has taken a hit this year.

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