Monday, July 26, 2010

Ferraro A Silvertip, Froese A Rebel

Red Deer and Everett have swapped forwards, and for the Rebels they rid themselves of a potentially ugly training camp situation. In exchange they get a guy who has played internationally for Canada before and was taken at the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

It's been told to me by several sources that Ferraro and head coach Jesse Wallin had a falling out during the playoffs. As it was told to me, Wallin asked Ferraro to give more, and the player responded that he "didn't have any more to give". He was a healthy scratch for the final playoff game.

The Rebels were shopping him hard at the Bantam draft with the asking price being a top 6 forward, along with a pick or a prospect. Ferraro is a very good junior player who scored 37 goals in 2009 before being drafted by the Detroit Red Wings with the second pick of the second round. Last year a knee injury limited him to 53 games where he had 46 points.

Everett gives up Byron Froese (above) who notched 29 goals and 32 assists last year in 70 games. Froese has only missed 2 regular season games in 2 years and has 8 points in 12 playoff games. He was also a 2009 draft pick, snapped up by Chicago in the 4th round.

Also in the deal the teams swapped picks, Red Deer getting a 3rd round pick, while the Tips take back a 5th round bantam pick, both in 2012.

If you're a fan of either team, or just a WHL fan in general, who do you think won this deal?

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SumOil said...

Not a big WHL fan but a I do follow high draft picks and Potential high draft picks. I like Landon ferraro and his struggles last season were highly publicized.
It was almost like the Alex Plante situation with the hitmen. I have no idea about Froese so I cant really say who won the trade. But this definitely is good news for Ferraro who will get another shot to redeem his career.