Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bucky For the Barons?

I mentioned it on Monday in my lengthy "This n' That" write up - Kelly Buchberger's name was given to me as someone who is being considered for the vacant coaching position with the AHL's Oklahoma City Barons. Buchberger was one of three names I brought forward on Monday (Gerry Fleming and Don Hay being the other two, a tip of the hat to Jim Matheson for Hay being mentioned).

Then on Tuesday during The Pipeline Show, Dean Millard and I again discussed the coaching situation in Oklahoma City and tossed around Buchberger's name some more.

Tuesday night I noticed that Robin Brownlee in a piece at Oilers Nation pondered the same thing: "If Buchberger is done as a bench coach with the Oilers, he'll likely turn up in Oklahoma City."

Earlier in the day the former Oiler captain was on the ice at Clareview Arena helping out with the prospect camp. Was that an indicator that he'll be back with the NHL club or simply that he has a place somewhere in the organization? Apparently we'll find out soon as head coach Tom Renney is to name his coaching staff in the coming days.

But right now, it's the subject of Kelly Buchberger and the farm team that I want to discuss. Actually, I'm not going to discuss it as I'd prefer to hear and read what YOU have to say on the subject.

How would you feel if Kelly Buchberger was named the head coach of the OK City Barons for the 2010-11 season? Please take a minute to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


alphahelix said...

I never had a good feeling about Bucky joining the coaching ranks, dating waaay back to... hell, I don't even remember. Was he assistant coach for the falcons or something? or was it even before that? --
anyways... even with his experience in the NHL he seems to have spent very little time actually BEHIND the bench - - it must be hard to learn the coaching game when you're watching with binoculars.

Everyone involved who has been questioned about him usually gushes about his character and his abilities, so unless they are all lying there must be something to him. Having said that, it still seems like a risky endeavour at a very important moment in franchise history. Maybe "associate coach" of the Barons (a la the Quinn/Renney arrangement) would be a safer and snugger fit.

uni said...

I think currently Buchy is best used in a player development role, similar to Sillinger. He can work with the players that way and help them improve individual preparation and skills, while the tactical/strategic decisions are left up to a qualified head coach.

I haven't seen any evidence to date that he has the ability to be the head coach at a professional level yet. He may one day, but that day isn't today, or in the immediate future. Players aren't the only ones who need to be sheltered and given only so much as they can handle along a development path in order to be successful.

Racki said...

Sometimes the best teachers are people who are of average skill at best. I have no problem with Buchy being coach there, as long as he's the best man out there for the job, and not being hired as a favor or because Tambellini or anyone else feels bad.

Is there someone out there that would do the job better?

boreal said...

After what we saw with Springfield during Buchberger's coaching tenure there, I think this would be a mistake. Where is the proof that this guy is the best man for the job?

Guy Flaming said...

Good start here but I want MORE... keep the comments coming!

Terry said...

It is not likely that Hay gets involved why would he leave Vancouver for this mess? Although it is looking much better I'm not sure it could be seen as a promotion for him. I also think it is all linked to Bonner going to OKC. If this was going to happen it would be done by now. Bonner not going neither is Hay. Bucky might be the only option as they have waited too long on them. It's kind of like the Heatley saga all over again.

Guy Flaming said...

That's the way I'm starting to feel too Terry. Was never really convinced that Bonner would leave Vancouver... he makes good money and lives in a beautiful city already. I suppose it could happen but like you said, the longer it drags on the less likely it seems.