Saturday, April 17, 2010

Skin To Win?

You can be sure the Oilers brass are still keeping their eye on possible first overall pick Taylor Hall of the Windsor Spitfires. Hall outscored his draft competition Tyler Seguin by 6 points in the Windsor/Plymouth series, but now he's on the opposite end of the spectrum as the Spitfires are down 2-0 to Kitchener. Rangers forward Jeff Skinner who netted 50 this year, has 4 goals in 2 games - Hall has one.

(Photo courtesy Peter Lee Skinner was ranked 34th among North American skaters by the NHL's Central Scouting Bureau, but according to an NHL scout I talked to tonight, Skinner likely won't fall to the 2nd round. If he does you can be sure the Oilers will take a long look at the right winger with their 31st overall selection.

Recently central scouting head EJ McGuire joined TPS and I asked him how Skinner compares to a former Kitchener Ranger, Mike Richards. The current Flyer had 37 goals and 90 penalty minutes in his draft year. Skinner scored 50 times this year and spent 72 minutes in the box. They're close in weight, but Richards is 2 inches taller then Skinner.
"Mike Richards plays a more abrasive, in your face game. Jeff Skinner might have the best hands, and best moves in the entire draft.
So why isn't Skinner higher in the rankings? According to McGuire his skating needs work, but he's a pure sniper.

To hear the complete EJ McGuire interview, click here.


Traktor said...

He reminds me of Eberle.

Not the greatest speed but is smart enough and shifty enough that it doesn't matter. Always knows where the puck is going to be and when it gets it he makes no mistakes.

I think he is gone by pick 15.

Guy Flaming said...

Top 15 is pretty lofty expectations. He's ranked as a mid-2nd rounder right now but maybe he squeaks into the first round?

You could be right but I haven't had any scout suggest, like Jordan Weal, that they would take him in the 1st round.

This series could change that if it keeps going the way it has so far.