Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 Bantam Draft Preview-Ten Sleepers To Watch

The WHL Bantam Draft is just over a week away, and some kids know they will be first round picks, others aren't sure where or if they will get a phone call from a Western Hockey League General Manager. We've been polling, asking and bugging scouts from around the league for a while now. Here's a look at 10 sleeper picks that you see great things from down the road in a WHL arena.

Connor Hutchins – Centre
Detroit Honey Bake Midget AAA
The Goods: 5”10 160lbs
Scouts Say...
Started the year playing bantam in Texas but looked for better competition in the greater Detroit area. He was a tough guy to catch this year for scouts. Top player from Texas for this year’s draft.

Brett Harris- Centre
Notre Dame Hounds
The Goods: 5’9 150lbs
Scouts say...
One of Notre Dame’s top forwards has been sidelined for most of the season with a serious injury. Low viewing and some long tern concerns because of the injury makes Brett a true sleeper in this year’s draft.

Luke Bertolucci- Centre
Trail/Rossland Bantams
The Goods: 5’8” 160lbs
Scouts say...
I think he's one of the hardest working smaller forwards in this year’s draft. Luke led his team all year while playing in semi-seclusion in Southern BC.

Taylor Green –Defence
Port Coquitlam
The Goods: 6’6 210lbs
Scouts say...
I'm not sure if it is possible for a 6’6 fourteen year old hockey player to fly under the radar, but Taylor Green did so for most of this season. His club team’s decision not to travel out of the lower mainland kept Taylor out of view for most of us scouts.

Shane Teed-Defence
Regina Hurricanes
The Goods: 6’5” 180lbs
Scouts say...
He had a short playoff run combined with a failed attempt to make his zone team at Sask First and it's left him in the back of many scout’s memories. The good thing for him though is that most teams are always looking for size and toughness later in the draft.

Braeden Salverda-Centre
Calgary Bisons
The Goods: 5’8” 150lbs
Scouts say...
One of the fastest skaters in this draft, Braeden played in the shadow of Morgan Klimchuk and Johnathon Merkley all year in Calgary. He will be a steal for some team in this draft....hopefully us.

Ryer Sawchuk-Defence
Lethbridge Golden Hawks
The Goods: 6’ 170lbs
Scouts say...
A big reason for Lethbridge’s second half surge was the return of Ryer Sawchuk. A leader on the most improved bantam team in Alberta. An injury kept him on the shelf for the bulk of this season.

Robert Briem-Centre
Thompson King Miners
The Goods: 5’8” 160lbs
Scouts say...
Northern Manitoba’s top skilled forward. His gritty style of play combined with a very good touch around the net makes him a player to watch.

Eli Jarvis-Right Wing
Quesnel Bantams
The Goods: 5"9 140
Scouts say...
One of the top skilled forwards this year from Northern BC. Eli played on a team that rarely hit any major events. He could be a nice pick up for some WHL team willing to take a chance on a smaller forward.

Liam Ginnell-Centre
Medicine Hat Hockey Hounds
The Goods: 5”11 155
Scouts say...
The grandson of legendary former WHL coach Patty Ginnell. Liam is a solid two-way centre that would be a welcome compliment player on any team.


Allan Bristowe said...

Dean Eli Jarvis played really well at the BC U-16 Cup. He could be a very good pick up for some in the mid to late rounds.

Tanner Wilson said...

What team do you think could use a guy like Connor Hutchins in the Bantam Draft?

Whitetiger said...

Braeden Salverda - extremely talented, great kid, would be a huge plus to any team.