Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome To The Jung-le

My apologies to Guy Flaming for ripping off his text message last night and using it as a title for this entry, but it's appropriate right now when it comes to the Oil Kings.

Torrie Jung (pictured right while playing with Kelowna last year )didn't have to make a ton of difficult saves, he did make 29 and recorded the shut out, which is way more symbolic to his teammates than making 40 saves and winning 4-2 in my opinion. Jung did make a terrific stretch save on a breakaway last night when the game was 2-0, and that alone gave his mates confidence in him.

The Oil Kings have proven they can score goals, they've lit the lamp 56 times which is second best in the Central Division, and 5th best in the Eastern Conference. What they had lacked was help with the last line of defence. Dalyn Flette was not good, then was injured, and Cam Lannigan will be very good eventually is only 16 years old. Jung doesn't have to record a shut out every night, but he's proved with solid goaltending - he owns a 1.62 GAA, a .947 save percentage and has 2 wins and a shoot out loss in 2 games - this team can be successful.

Playoff spots in the Eastern Conference are there for the picking right now. Even though Edmonton dropped 7 of 8 games before their recent 3 game regulation unbeaten string, they are right now tied for 9th with Lethbridge, only 2 points out of a post season spot. As A.J. Jakubec, Kent Simpson and I discussed on the pre game show of the Oil Kings broadcast heard on the TEAM 1260 last night, if this team gets on a roll with solid goaltending, who knows what could happen.

The other thing I was impressed with last night, was the teams fire. Twice Oil King players jumped in to defend teammates and after a mini line brawl the coaches, in particular Rocky Thompson were fired up. Thompson almost broke down the Plexiglas between the benches to get at Kootenay head coach Mark Holick. We all know about Thompson's reputation on the ice, well so do the players and they had to get fired up about seeing the look in their assistant coaches eyes last night. Any one that has dealt with Thompson in the last few years knows he is an extremely nice man, but it's good to know the fire still burns, if that doesn't get you going as a player, then check your pulse.

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Doogie2K said...

I remember after a rough game here in Calgary late last year, Thompson got tossed. He's certainly got the fire, but he can let it get away from him at times.