Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's Go To Buffalo

Last year it was the NHL's outdoor classic, in 2011 Buffalo will host the World Junior Championship as World of Junior Hockey points out. As Nathan writes, the Buffalo News has more details, and a news conference will be held Monday.

There are 2 reasons why Buffalo is getting this tournament, and they both have to do with Toronto. One is because Canadians will flock across the border and boost attendance, and the other is because Toronto lost out to Edmonton for the 2012 tournament.

When North Dakota (who was bidding again) hosted in 2005 the event was wildly successful because Manitobans showed up in droves. If it hadn't been for Canadians the tournament would have likely ended up like most other US hosted WJC's...not very well attended.

This is great news for North American hockey fans, as it means the tournament will be held on this side of the pond for the next 4 years:


in 2011 HSBC arena in Buffalo as well as Niagra University will play host to most of the games. Canada will be out for it's 5th straight Gold medal, hoping to complete the feet for a second time. This will also be the 5th time an American city has hosted one of my favorite tourneys.

UPDATE: This was made official today, click here for the official release from the Sabres.

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