Sunday, July 22, 2012

TPS in Studio: Scouts

Continuing the series on The Pipeline Show this summer, I was excited to welcome three NHL amateur scouts in studio with me for Saturday's show. We spent a full hour talking about the ins and outs of how they do what they do; find the future stars of the game. 

Two NHL teams were represented, one from each conference, as well as NHL Central Scouting. 

My guests on Saturday were:
  1. Wayne Meier - a 25-year NHL scout who is currently on staff with the Pittsburgh Penguins. 
  2. Brian Gross - a scout with the San Jose Sharks for the past 16 seasons.
  3. Rick Jackson - WHL area scout for NHL Central Scouting. 
We began the show getting a little background on each scout; how they came to be where they are now. Do they feel that scouts have to be former players or coaches and how scouting has evolved in their own careers. 

Then we got into the subject of video scouting and it was interesting to hear one scout say he uses it a lot, another to say he never watched video and the third to come out somewhere in the middle. All agreed that video alone cannot be used effectively but that it's a great tool in addition to actually being in the rink in person. 

We also discussed stats and how important they are to these individual scouts but also to the teams they work for. How do they balance the way a player looks in real life compared to what his stats may suggest? Are the growing use of advanced stats much of a concern for these three particular scouts?

I asked the guys to break down the traits or aspects they key in on first or hold to be of the utmost importance when looking at forwards and defencemen. How are they different. What about a stay-at-home defenceman compared to a puck moving, offensive guy? 

Are goalies a particular challenge for some scouts? Why is or isn't that the case for these three gentlemen?

In the final segment we tried to have a bit more fun. I call it 'Fish Tales' and asked the scouts to give examples of guys that they are most proud to have fought for in their team meetings that have panned out in the NHL. Also, to name the one that got away.   

I asked about a memorable story from the road from each of them and then we ended the show by directing a few questions from listeners on Twitter. 

It was a fun show to say the least. You can hear each of the three parts here: Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 3.

And the In Studio Series continues again on Tuesday night as I am pleased to welcome in two former standouts from the AJHL who are currently key members of their respective NCAA teams. One is drafted, the other is a free agent that has led his college team in scoring during both his freshman and sophomore years.  

Got a guess who they are?


lowetide said...

Fabulous show. Terrific radio.

Guy Flaming said...

Thanks LT, much appreciated.