Monday, July 9, 2012

The 'Iron Lung' Gets an Update

Our Friends at Buzzing The Net recently penned a story about life on the road for a WHL play-by-play broadcaster. It's a great read, check it out

Reading that Yahoo! story reminded me of something I saw earlier this season from the USHL. The Youngstown Phantoms shot a quick video tour of their bus and I was really impressed by the set up the team has. 

I'm betting the more remote teams in the WHL wouldn't mind having a similar ride.

Here's the video.   


Not exactly the old stereotypical "iron lung" we've seen in movies like Slap Shot is it?

The Phantoms are owned by Bruce J. Zoldan, who is also the founder and CEO of Phantom Fireworks, a major player in the fireworks business. When I flew to Chicago and drove to Muskegon for the USHL Top Prospects Game last January, I passed a few locations and noticed that the team shared the same logo as the fireworks shop. 

The point being, the Phantoms obviously have strong ownership and being the most Eastern based franchise in the USHL, lengthy travel can be an issue. I don't know that this is the rig that the team uses all of the time but I have to think those sleeper compartments are pretty awesome on the drive from eastern Ohio to Fargo North Dakota. 

A "staff lounge"? Basically looks like a RV as opposed to a bus which is to say, comfortable. A TV in each bunk - awesome.  I'm not too sure about the dance party at the back but to each their own. 

Sweet ride, Youngstown.


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