Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Herbers after all for the Bears

Sunday afternoon we reported that Ian Herbers had a good chance at being named the head coach of the Alberta Golden Bears.   We were panned by a few people here and here and low and behold today it was announced that the University of Alberta has in fact hired Herbers.

As the source that originally tipped us off said, 'it's ok to be different'. Herbers wasn't a name that came up on any one's shortlist that also included Kris Knoblauch, Ryan Marsh and Gord Thibideau and many are shocked that he's leaving the pro game behind for the CIS.  His reasons will have to wait until we talk with him.

The guy that loses the most in this process is Knoblauch.  The interview/hiring process at the school was supposed to be kept confidential and it obviously wasn't.  Now after being let go by Kootenay because his name leaked out, he's out of work for now.  He's a quality coach that shouldn't have trouble finding work (possibly in Brandon as Guy pointed out last night) but it's an unnecessary stress that he shouldn't be dealing with right now.

This situation reminds me of a story we once threw out that the AHL was looking at playing a game on an airship carrier.  We were lambasted for such a stupid rumour, only to have AHL president Dave Andrews come on our show at a later date and confirm that the story was in fact true.

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