Thursday, March 25, 2010

Petry Deal Could Be Done Today

The Pipeline Show has learned that a deal between Jeff Petry and the Oilers is almost done and could be completed today or tomorrow morning at the latest. As Guy Flaming reported on our show Tuesday night, Petry is expected to forgo his senior season at Michigan State University and turn pro in time to play some games this year.

However it now appears that Petry will start in the AHL with Springfield and possibly get a call up sometime in the next 9 games, as apposed to coming straight to the Oilers.

Petry had a career year with the Spartans this season scoring 4 times and adding 24 assists in 38 games. He's 6.03 and about 200 pounds with a booming shot from the point and skates very well. It should be interesting to see what kind of adjustment period Petry has while trying to get used to the pro game.


uni said...

All I've read about Petry focus on his physical attributes, i.e. booming shot, good skating stride, size.

I'm curious about his hockey I.Q., how good is his read of the game, defensively and offensively?

Dean Millard said...

Smart enough to be put in all situations at MSU. PP, PK, shut down etc, uses body position very well. Now we'll see if that translates from the college game to the pro game. Athletics run in his family as his Dad is Dan Petry a former pitcher with the Detroit Tigers.

uni said...

Nice, thanks for the info. I'm glad he'll likely start in Springfield. There's no use rushing him into the NHL and tossing him in front of the headlights right away. Here's hoping he tracks as the top 2 all around defenceman the Oilers have been needing =).