Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eberle to the World Championship? Lights Lamp for 50th time.

Hockey Night In Canada host Elliot Friedman mentioned tonight during the Oilers/Leafs game that there is a rumour out there that Jordan Eberle will be asked to play for Canada at the World Hockey Championship in Germany starting May 7th.

I haven't heard that yet but it would be terrific for Eberle to get that chance, similar to what Jonathan Toews did after the 2007 season. Steven Stamkos and Drew Doughty played last year for Canada after their rookie seasons.

Whether or not Eberle gets the call from Canada, he'll certainly get hearing from the Oilers after he wraps up his season tonight against Brandon. Eberle entered the contest with 49 goals, and notched #50 in the 2nd period. The big question is whether or not the Oilers will bring him to Edmonton or send him to Springfield?

In my opinion bringing him to Rexall Place right now is wrong. Put in him the AHL and if he plays well, reward him with a call up for the last 3 games: At home to Colorado and then on the road vs LA and Anaheim. As he did last year Eberle has played a lot of hockey this year and starting him in the AHL makes sure massive expectations aren't heaped on him. Also, if he comes to Edmonton, he might just score a few game winning goals and get them out of last place!!!!

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Guy Flaming said...

That's an idea I honestly had not even considered. Makes a ton of sense though and it would be nice to see.