Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Re-Set

Last night we put on the foil and talked about some real old time hockey with one of the most down to earth hockey celebrities we've had the pleasure of having guest on the show.

The movie Slap Shot is held in a special place for most hockey fans, and most sports fans for that matter. It's a movie that is shown somewhere around a thousand times over the course of a season on various team buses or at parties and most people can rattle of several of the hilarious lines from their favorite scene.

Of course the movie is best remembered for the Hanson Brothers and their antics on and off the ice. It's a Paul Newman flick but I think even he knows that in the scenes they shared, he wasn't the star.

Last night we had the chance to speak with Dave Hanson, author of Slap Shot Original - The Man, The Foil, The Legend.

He played Jack Hanson in the film and has more great stories than we could possible fit in a segment on our show - even two segments, but that's how long we went with him last night.

Want to now how much of the movie was fiction and how much came from actual events? You'll be stunned. What was Newman like? Did they really wear foil in real life? How did the famous dressing room speech scene come together? (see below - language warning!)

It's all here: Part 1 and Part 2.

When you're done listening to the conversation with Dave Hanson I know you'll want to buy the book. You can do that HERE.

Also on the program last night was our old friend John Moore. Newly signed to a pro contract by the Columbus Blue Jackets, Moore now knows that he'll be playing in Kitchener next year instead of at Colorado College. Hear him talk about the draft, the BJ's prospect camp, playing with Teddy Ruth and about becoming a pro hockey player... HERE.

Great news if you were a fan of Moore from the Pipeline, the blog that the player wrote for us during the 2008-09 season: He's agreed to continue it as his career goes tot eh next level playing for the Rangers in the OHL next season.

Our final guest of the night was the GM of the Tri-City Americans Bob Tory. With no coach and several key players off the roster from last year, Tory talked about how he sees his team shaping up for 2009-10.

We also played Bad Ass Trivia, Slap Shot style - how many of these question would YOU have gotten right?

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Thats great news that Moore will keep blogging.