Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Edmonton product arrested in Grand Forks

One current and one former UND hockey players were arrested the other day. One hails from Edmonton. You can read a recap here.

I will point out, while it seems these guys were loaded when committing this offence, I think sometimes police on campus over react.


sager said...

Campus police, that's a step down from "Paul Blart, Mall Cop."

Anonymous said...

re: the comments at that link, Matt Greene had a DUI?

Guy Flaming said...

Yes he did. If I recall correctly it was while he was at UND but during the off-season in Michigan, where he's from.

I could be wrong.

60min said...

Tend to agree with you, Guy. As one of my fellow bloggers said:

As much as I hate UND and everything about them, I gotta say it:

If you're going to get arrested, it might as well be for goofy shenanigans like that. Football and basketball players need to take note of stuff like this.

Yeah, they were being stupid, but at least they didn't hurt anyone or damage anyone else's property.

Unfortunately for Frattin, UND is not as amused as some of the rest of us are. 2-game suspension (minimum), counseling, and decreased schollie $ for this year. Hakstol made some further comments today.

60min said...

Oops, just realized that Dean made the original post, and I called him Guy. Sorry, Dean!

MikeP said...

"didn't hurt anybody else's property"?

Not through lack of trying, if broken glass was indeed 'curb to curb.'

Yeah, ok, at least they're not out assaulting people, but come on, that's still pretty antisocial.

If my own kid was doing it, she'd be hoping it was only campus cops who caught her, and not me.