Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ADT Solution - WHL

This is the last installment of my ADT series with the line up I would ice against the Canadian WHL team that is set to take on the Russians tonight and tomorrow to close out the 2008 ADT Challenge. You can find my OHL version here and my QMJHL version here.

The CHL currently holds a 3-1 lead in this year's series and now have an all-time record of 28-6 against the Russians. Yes... improvements can be made. Here's the Planet/USA team that I would prefer to see skating in Swift Current and Prince Albert.


1) Juha Metsola (FIN) – (undrafted) Lethbridge
2) Adam Brown (USA) – (2009) Kelowna
3) Mark Guggenberger (USA) – (undrafted) Swift Current


1) Jyri Niemi (FIN) – (NYI 3rd – 2008) Saskatoon
2) Jonathan Blum (USA) – (NSH 1st – 2007) Vancouver
3) Tomas Kundratek (CZE) – (NYR 3rd – 2008) Medicine Hat
4) Matt Konan (USA) – (2009) Medicine Hat
5) Tommi Kivisto (FIN) – (2009) Red Deer (19th overall ISS, 7th in WHL CSB)
6) Stefan Ulmer (SWI) – (undrafted) Spokane
7) Collin Bowman (USA) – (2009) Kelowna (41st overall ISS, 22nd in WHL CSB)
8) Stefan Warg (SWE) - (ANH 5th – 2008) Seattle


1) Mitch Wahl (USA) – (CGY 2nd – 2008) Spokane
2) Drayson Bowman (USA) – (CAR 3rd – 2007) Spokane
3) Jim O’Brien (USA) – (OTT 1st – 2007) Seattle
4) Milan Kytnar (SLV) – (EDM 5th – 2007) Saskatoon
5) Tomas Hricina (SLV) – (2009) Regina
6) Tomas Vincour (CZE) – (2009) Edmonton (43rd overall ISS, 16th WHL CSB)
7) Tristan King (USA) – (2009) Medicine Hat
8) Zdenek Okal (CZE) – (undrafted) Medicine Hat
9) Colin Long (USA) – (PHX 4th – 2008) Kelowna
10) Stepan Novotny (CZE) – (2009) Kelowna
11) Dalibor Bortnak (SLV) – (2009) Kamloops (80th overall ISS)
12) Andrej Kudrna (SLV) - (2009) Vancouver (52nd overall ISS)
13) Tyler Maxwell (USA) – (2009) Everett
14) Tyler Johnson (USA) – (undrafted) Spokane

By country of origin: USA (11), SLV (4), CZE (4) FIN (3), SWE (1), SWI (1)
NHL Drafted Players: 9
Eligible for 2009 Draft: 11 including 5 ranked highly by ISS and/or Central Scouting.

Seriously, this is a line up that should be able to challenge the Canadian WHL team while providing scouts with more than enough eye candy to watch, fans with enough names and exciting players to watch, the WHL to be proud of showcasing and Hockey Canada with a better test for its players.

I rest my case.

If you agree, tell me so. If you don't... tell me anyway.

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Cali Reporter said...

This would be a heck of team! Loads of talent that would defineately compete all day long with Canada WHL All stars and Russians! What a way to get US and European's involved with WHL fanbase! Great marketing showcase for the leauge, for the U.S. and Euro players as well and great opportunity for scouts! Win, Win, Win situation!