Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Henrik Samuelsson to Join Oil Kings

The Eastern Conference leading Edmonton Oil Kings just got better without really doing a thing. 2012 NHL draft eligible Henrik Sameulsson has decided to leave Modo in Sweden and will reportedly join the Oil Kings prior to the January 10th deadline.

The news was broken on Twitter by Uffe Bodin, the Editor in Chief for hockeysverige.se who simply tweeted "Draft eligible fw Henrik Samuelsson is heading to the #WHL. He's leaving Modo, where his dad Ulf is coaching, for the Edmonton Oil Kings."

The press release from Modo. (in Swedish)

Samuelsson played for the US-NTDP last year after growing up in Phoenix, AZ where his dad was coaching with the NHL's Coyotes. He left the U18 program and moved to Sweden last summer when his dad became head coach of Modo.

The 6'2, 192 lb winger is exactly what the Oil Kings don't have - an offensive weapon with size.

The Oil Kings will also benefit from the return of injured forward Travis Ewanyk, expected back in February. The 1st place Oil Kings were already considered WHL contenders and adding Samuelsson and Ewanyk without giving up anything in the process will only further cement that status.

Samuelsson was a guest on TPS last May and spoke about the possibility of joining the Oil Kings after his 1-year contract with Modo expired.

Henrik and his brother Philip were both Oil Kings prospects although the defenceman opted for the NCAA route and played two years at Boston College.


misfit said...

Coming from Modo, would Samuelsson count as an import? If so, what does that mean for Pelss and Gernat?

Dean Millard said...

no, he is considered an American and does not affect the import situation.

Alan said...

My question though, and I'm sure I am not alone, is WHY is he considered a non-import?

The CHL uses the players' place of residence to determine whether a player is an import or a non-import and if a non-import, which CHL league he must play in. In almost all cases, the players' place of residence is his parents' home.

When the Oil Kings listed Samuelsson two years ago, he was living in Phoenix because his dad was working for the Coyotes. That's all fine, obviously he was a WHL-territory non-import when he was listed.

But, his dad is now coaching in Sweden so it would seem that his place of residence is now Sweden. In which case, he should be classified as an import player now.

It would be nice if the WHL would clarify WHY Samuelsson is considered a non-import, just so that fans know all the nuances of the rules.

I know he is an American citizen who has played for USA internationally but surely that does not make any difference? If it does, then if there are likely many other players living/playing in Europe who may happen to have or be eligible for Canadian or American citizenship through a parent and thus should also be considered non-imports. It's a can of worms. So, it would be nice if somebody from the league or the team explained the rules here.

Dean Millard said...


We are working on getting the answers to your questions and will hopefully be able to pass them onto you on Saturday's show.

Dean Millard said...


Because Henrik was listed by the Oil Kings when he was living in the United States he is then considered an american and non import, no matter where he ends up living. That straight from the WHL.