Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WHL draft from the scouts

Each year we try and put together some kind of list regarding the first round of the WHL bantam draft.  In past year's we've been able to get some in depth information about different players and have various lists. However the WHL Bantam draft is now big business, much like the NHL draft and it's getting harder and harder to convince scouts to share this precious information. We were however able to compile a top 22 list, so enjoy!!!  

This year an Albertan is expected to go first overall for the first time in 12 years when Vimy's Kyle Chipchura was chosen first by the Prince Albert Raiders.  Vancouver owns the first pick. 

1.     Tyler Benson (F)                SSAC
2.     Nolan Patrick (F)                Winnipeg Hawks
3.     Sam Steel (F)                      Sherwood Park                       
4.     Kale Clague (D)                 Lloydminster
Sam Steel (left) Tyler Benson - Edmontonsun.com
5.     Beck Malenstyn (F)            OHA
6.     Josh Anderson (D)              Cowichan Valley
7.     Brett Howden (F)                Eastman AAA Midget
8.     Dante Fabbro (D)                BWC
9.     Tyson Jost      (F)                 POE
10.  David Quennville (D)          SSAC
11.  Tyler Steenbergen (F)          Red Deer White     
12.  Kody McDonald (F)            POE
13.  Jake Kryski (F)                    BWC
14.  Josh Mahura (D)                  St. Albert
15.  Parker Aucoin (F)                Calgary Northstars
16.  Jared Legien (F)                   Prairie Storm
17.  Stuart Skinner (G)                SSAC
18.  Tak Anholt      (F)                NSWC
19.  Liam Schioler (D)                Shattuck’s
20.  Dante Hannoun (F)             NSWC
21.  Dillion Dube (F)                  Notre Dame  
22. Tanner Kapscik (F)              Brandon AAA Midget               
The list is made up lists submitted by 8 current WHL scouts.  As we talked about last night with former Prince George Cougars Assistant General Manager and Head Scout sometimes the first round can sometimes be as much about recruiting as it is about drafting, and we've been hearing that the player we have ranked #2, Nolan Patrick has politely mentioned to Regina and the Cougars (picking 2 and 3) thanks but no thanks.  It's understandable that the young man wants to play as close to home as possible, and I would hope this is the exception and not the rule, because if it happens regularly, then you might as well just go to a college style recruiting process instead of a draft.

As always, please don't take this list as the gospel on the bantam draft, especially if your son, nephew, cousin or friends-bosses-uncles-neighbours-daughters boyfriend isn't on the list.  


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Anonymous said...

A few years ago Jared Cowen and family tried to pull of the same thing, saying he wanted to play in Saskatchewan. Spokane wouldn't bite and took him first overall. He had an excellent career in Spokane and was a first round NHL draftee, now with Ottawa.

The draft is to level the playing field and allow lesser clubs to get better. Teams should not be intimidated and take the best player available. If some other team is semi-tampering then that team will have to step up and pay a hefty price to get the player. It is reported that Patrick's father and McCrimmon are best friends. I am sure there is nothing going on there. Someone should draft him and force McCrimmon to pay the price. If not the kid can play tier 2 and go the college route seeing that this is what it's coming to.