Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kabanov Now a Real Maineiac

The tumultuous tenure in Moncton has come to an end for Kirill Kabanov. Today the Wildcats announced that they have traded the New York Islanders prospect to the Lewiston Maineiacs in exchange for a second and a fourth round draft pick in 2011, a first round pick in the 2011 CHL Import Draft, and a fourth round draft pick in 2012.

Here is the Lewiston release and here is the version out of Moncton.

(Photo: Harry How / Getty Images)


forbes said...

Maybe *this* is the wakeup call that Kabanov needs. Y'know, as opposed to the time he was scratched for missing a team bus, or kicked off his junior team, or kicked off his National team, or had his agent leave him, or dropped to the third round in the draft, or was disciplined the first time after showing up late for an NHL training camp practice, or was disciplined the second time after showing up late for an NHL practice, or...or...or...

But no, I'm sure this time, he really is going to smarten up and showcase his true hockey talent.

SumOil said...

a very good move the Moncton. Their team is doing very well even without him and his antics so they got a sweet load of picks. If they wish, they could use these assets to load up near the trade deadline to make another run for the Memorial Cup

Unknown said...

Keep in mind he is 18.

His Father has had alot to do with his hockey....(good and bad)

Hopefully good things are ahead for this young man.

Dean Millard said...

and if you listened to our CHL insider a week ago, his mother has ben very involved (some say to involved) in his life, signing him to a KHL contract at 16? There is only so much a youngster can do with over involved parents. I hope he turns out, because he has loads of talent.